HARCOZA, Tokyo Daikanyama. Propeller Accessories

First time Le Vero’s items to be displayed at respectful fashion store HARCOZA at Tokyo Daikanyama, near Shibuya.

This is our first opportunity to show our 3D Printed Propeller Series at stores outside of Le Vero. HARCOZA is such a cute, colorful and fun store at quiet neighborhood of Tokyo, please visit a store when you are around Tokyo.

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Product Lists : Black Propeller Necklace,  White Propeller Necklace, Pink Propeller Necklace, Black Propeller Ring, White Propeller Ring, Pink Propeller Ring.



"Harcoza serves up fashion quirks with an eclectic selection of accessories like necklaces made from melted rubber balls and bonsai trees fashioned into watches, but the show-stealer is the interior – featuring a floor-to-ceiling bouncy-ball dispenser, a ceramic purple poodle guarding the stairs, and carpet patterned like Lego blocks. Housed in a brand new building with a terrace and glass facade, it may sound crude but it's not. Downstairs a small stage spans the width of the room, replete with velvet curtains and disco ball – close the curtains and it transforms into a fitting room where you can try on playful womenswear like blouses with hexagon-shaped puff-sleeves and asymmetrical tulip skirts. " (from the Guardian)

Address : 2–15–9 Ebisu-nishi, Tokyo, 150-0021, Japan (MAP)
Website : http://www.harcoza.com/main.html