LOVE at 1st SIGHT at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. Le Vero’s Summer Collection.

At new concept store LOVE at 1st SIGHT opening on 2012/07/14 (Sat) in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Le Vero’s Summer Collection including Aviator Goggle HairbandsMellisa Zook CuffMelting Heart Necklace will be at its displays.

About LOVE at 1st SIGHT


“Work and play and oneself polishing develop play thoughtful item that edge and trend that “Hitomebore” does at moment when we had in our hand worked for for all greedy women who want to spend every day splendidly. Design which imaged adult woman who did not become too much pretty whom a certain vivid shopper and presence lapping did not think and wanted to present to somebody. It is good to reward to oneself and friend, pretty good gift to family. Throb that anyone who “is absorbed just to have a look, and loses heart!” such has experienced is space beating fast with, and please enjoy shopping” (From Roppongi Hills site).

Address : Roppongi Hills 6 Chome Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 106-0032 (MAP)
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