The HoteLevero collection is a vision of a bright and happy future. If HoteLevero was a drink it would be a Tequila Sunrise.
Made with materials chosen for their durability through a long hot summer with a color palette inspired by the Art Deco beach hotels of South Beach Miami.The Hotelevero collection was shot by Japanese photographer Aya Watada. Althought Le Vero does not currently produce clothing the designer hand made the costumes for the shoot. They are designed to reflect the ideal resort vacation attire for a young woman far from home enjoying time poolside.HOTELeVero Collection

A7D2897 410x614 HOTELeVero

A7D2906 410x276 HOTELeVero

IMG 0535 410x546 HOTELeVero

A7D2886 410x230 HOTELeVero
Miami Beach Architectural District
Photographer Benjamin Peterson