Business is Plaesure, Personalized Passport Case – Navy

Color : Navy
Material : 100% Wool, Metal Name Plate and Natural Canvas

Have you ever misplaced your boarding pass? It can be stressful keeping all travel documents together at hand. This is why we have designed the perfect organizer for your trip. With this personalized passport case, your boarding passes fit lengthwise. It also has a very convenient pen pocket for filling out travel documents. You can flip through passport pages and see through the clear vinyl window to the last page. There are three additional pockets for baggage claim, travel vouchers, and other paperwork.

It comes in the choice of either navy or rose.

This personalized passport case is from the Business is Pleasure Collection, an elegantly designed collection of personalized business and travel accessories for a well organized life, which was funded by Le Vero's Kickstarter campaign.

The name plate on its front face is personalized with texts of your choice (less than 17 English alphabet characters) which will be typed with classic The Royal Typewriter Company fixed by Japanese typewriter specialist.