Le Vero is a fashion brand established in 2012 by Kandice Levero in Tokyo.

Design can be complicated, intricate, and personal. The color is the most important thing for this collection and it always will be. It was considered first before the first line was drawn or the first (of hundreds) paper folded. I want to show girls something so gorgeous they can not stop staring at it. This happens for me not enough in the market today. Something you can not wait to give as a gift or accept a compliment on.

I look at a dress made 50 years ago and am in awe of the detail that went in to making it. All the consideration of all the details is humbling to a designer. And I have been working with details my whole life. For years I studied machining in New York. This meant working an ordinary piece of say, brass for days with a precision tolerance of something like .002” until this little piece of $2.00 brass becomes priceless. Working this way changes the way you think of everything. Holding the design to a much higher standard so the viewer is stunned and never bored.

Le Vero recently focuses on hair accessories including haters and lovers hairbands lines and Aviator Goggles Hairbands lines.

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